Why sourcing quality art is a must

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is even true of art. When you will be spending time looking at a piece of artwork you should like it, no, actually you should love it.

Buying art for art’s sake

When you are buying art for your home or commercial space, you need to be mindful of the décor you are adding your art too. If you have an empty wall or blank space that you want to fill, don’t just buy art for art’s sake. Having the wrong art, or poor-quality art can be worse than having no art at all.

Art has the ability to transform a space, however, if you buy poor quality art, or art that isn’t suitable for the space or décor, it can transform your space for the worse.

A piece of art should be something you enjoy looking at, and something that brings you joy. Preferably, art should evoke a reaction from you. If you’re not passionate about a piece of art, then remove it, why tolerate something on your wall that doesn’t bring you pleasure?

Quality shows

Good quality art will show the colours in the way they’re meant to be displayed; you will see the art how it’s meant to look. Poor quality art doesn’t look great and can actually serve to drag the appearance of a room down. So, before you invest in poor quality art think about the look you want to achieve and whether the art you are purchasing will give you the desired effect. If in doubt, don’t buy it.

Poor quality art and budget-friendly art are two different things

Even if you don’t have a large budget, you don’t need to settle for poor-quality mass-produced art. At Innovate Interiors we have options for every budget, so come and talk to the team at our Gold Coast showroom.

At Innovate Interiors we have a range of art framed art, stretched canvases, custom wallpaper and much more, so come in and have a look and see if any of our pieces speak to you.

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