Why it’s important to have art in your child’s room?

When you see the world through children’s eyes everything is fascinating. The way children interact with the world around them can make you rediscover just how wonderful our planet is. Bringing art into the lives of a child is a magical time. Children are interested little characters and why not, they have the potential to be anything and anyone they want to be.

Harness your child’s potential by giving them the gift of art. Not only is it a beautiful addition to their bedroom, but it’s an important part of their growth and development.

Why is art important in a child’s bedroom?

  • Children are naturally drawn to colour, much like adults, kids like looking at pretty things, and to a child a pretty picture will give their room that beautiful finish.
  • Art can help stimulate your child’s cognitive skills. Helping a child to visually process an image is great for their development.
  • Art can promote emotive growth, for example when a child makes an emotional connection with an image.
  • Art can encourage imagination, it gives your child the chance to explore your creative side.
  • Art looks great. Growing up in a room that’s full of inspiration and creativity will only continue to help a child to grow and develop.
  • Why not get your child’s artwork custom framed so you can display their work in their own room, and around the house? By framing their art work, you are showing support for their work, and harnessing their love for art. There are so many ideas on Pinterest for displaying your child’s artwork in a custom frame that you will be spoilt for choice. A custom frame will preserve their work and give you a memory you can cherish for a life time.

 Art that can transform your child’s imagination

Talk to the team at Innovate Interiors on the Gold Coast, we can transform your child’s room with the right piece of art and grow your child’s love of art too.

We have a beautiful range of framed art, custom wallpaper, stretched canvas’ and custom pictures for you to choose from.

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