Beautiful ways to display your children’s artwork

Beautiful ways to display your children’s artwork

We all treasure our children’s artwork, but unfortunately the fridge can only hold so many little masterpieces. Over the years children produce hundreds of artworks, each one more special than the last. To help you celebrate their art, here are some creative ways to display your children’s artwork.

Create a gallery wall

Create your very own children’s art gallery in your home. Simply choose a stretch of wall, such as a hallway, bedroom, study nook or stairwell and decorate your walls with all of your favourite kid art. For a more cohesive look, make sure you use the same colour frame for each artwork (a simple white or black is always effective).

Scan and collage

Framing every single piece of your children’s art is not only expensive, but it’s often difficult to find enough hanging space. Luckily, there’s a simple solution. Simply scan all of your favourite pieces, reduce them in size and arrange them neatly on a word or PDF document.

You can then have the document professionally printed and framed by a custom framing service to display wide variety of their work. For an extra neat look, create a square or rectangular grid and leave strips of white between each scanned image.

Make a coffee table book

If you’re short on wall space, then why not scan all of your kid’s artwork have them printed onto quality stock paper. You can then collate all of their artwork and have it professionally bound into a coffee table book for your lounge or living area. This way friends and family can flick through the book when they come to visit and your kids can easily show off their art collection.

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