4 great reasons to frame your memorabilia

4 great reasons to frame your memorabilia

If you’re like most people, you have your precious memorabilia stuffed inside a shoebox or the top of a wardrobe. Unfortunately, when our mementos and collectibles are stored away, we rarely get the chance to enjoy them. So if you’ve got a bunch of memorabilia hidden away, here are some reasons to invest in custom memorabilia framing.

Commemorate someone special

Losing a loved one is always difficult. We want to hold onto their memory and often hold onto some of their belongings or favourite garments as a way of remembering them. Custom memorabilia framing provides the perfect opportunity to display a jersey, coat, hat or dress that belonged to someone special so you can celebrate their memory every day.

Create a talking point

Whether it’s your great grandfather’s medal collection from WWI or your signed 2003 Wallabies World Cup jersey, memorabilia can make for great talking points with guest or visitors. By proudly displaying the things that mean the most to us, you will never be short of a conversation starter.

Provide protection from the elements

Not only can custom memorabilia services help you find the best way to display your memorabilia, they can also help protect it from deterioration and aging. Most custom memorabilia services offer UV protection glass to protect your items against fading and sun damage and provide sealed frames to prevent damage from humidity or insects.

Make a thoughtful gift

If you have a friend or relative that treasures a certain item or memento, then why not have it professionally framed for them. Custom memorabilia can make a wonderful gift for a birthday or anniversary.

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