3 creative ways to commemorate a loved one

3 creative ways to commemorate a loved one

Losing a loved one is never easy. Whether it was expected, or came as a shock, grieving is a difficult process for us all. To help you process your emotions and find peace, many people use the opportunity to commemorate their loved one’s memory. For some inspiration, here are some ideas from the team at Innovate Interiors.

Plant their favourite flower or tree

If your loved one used to love a flower or tree, then why not plant it in your garden. To make it even more special, sprinkle a few of their ashes into the surrounding soil, so part of them lives on inside the plant. As the plant grows or flowers you will be reminded of them. If you move homes a lot or are renting, then make sure you plant in a pot so you can take your plant with you when you relocate.

Create a photo wall

To honour a loved one’s memory, you can collect all your favourite photos of them and have them professionally framed by a custom framing service. This way you can choose frames that complement both their memory and your home. Arrange all your framed photos on a section of wall to create a beautiful feature that you can enjoy for years to come.

Frame their favourite garment

Whether it’s a jersey, a dress, or a hat, parting with your loved one’s favourite clothes can be painful. By framing their favourite garment, you can keep hold of it and display it proudly in your home as a talking piece. Custom memorabilia services will find the best way to preserve and display memorable garments.
If you’re looking to commemorate a loved one, call Innovate Interiors today. Based on the Gold Coast, we offer both custom framing and custom memorabilia services to help you celebrate their memory. With a wide range of custom framing options, including designer frames, mat boards and mount options, you can preserve their photos or keepsakes, while creating a feature for your home.

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